Saturday, November 2, 2013

Purchase your custom GoDaddy domain directly through Office 365

Purchase your custom GoDaddy domain directly through Office 365

Bharath Rambadran is a senior product marketing manager focused on the Office 365 customer experience.

You can now purchase a custom GoDaddy domain name directly from within Office 365 and we'll automatically set it up for you.  If your organization already has a GoDaddy managed domain name, you can update Office 365 to start using that domain name directly from within Office 365, too.

You can buy a new domain or add a previously purchased custom domain name right from the Office 365 admin center.

When you click Buy a domain from within Office 365, a simple wizard helps you both purchase a domain name and set up Office 365 to use that domain name, all in one simple, quick process.

Buy a domain in the Office 365 admin center makes finding and buying the perfect domain name for your business easy. 

In the Buy a domain wizard in the Office 365 admin center, type the domain name you've chosen for your business and then click check availability.

If the domain name you want is available, you can buy it with a click.

Once you find a domain name that's available, click buy.

In the integrated GoDaddy purchase window, you can review and complete your purchase.

Your GoDaddy purchase is integrated with Office 365, so completing your purchase is fast and convenient.  Once the purchase is complete, the GoDaddy DNS records are updated on your behalf for use with Office 365, so you can begin using your custom domain name for your email addresses and website right away.

If your organization already has a domain purchased from GoDaddy, you can use the Add a domain wizard to automatically set up Office 365.

Read more and watch the video about easily bringing your custom GoDaddy domain to Office 365.

We're very excited to deliver these much-requested features and help customers start using Office 365 even faster than before.

What is a domain name?

While the term "domain name" may sound esoteric, it's actually a very simple concept.  Domain names represent the online identity of companies and individuals.  A domain name is how people refer to your company's online presence.

A domain name is a unique name.  When combined with "www." your domain name becomes a web address. For example, if "" is your domain name, then becomes your web address. Alternatively, when a domain name is combined with "username@" it becomes an email address. For example, if an employee called "Joe" works at "Contoso," his email address would be

Because a domain name has to be unique, organizations have to find out if the name they want is available and, if it is, register it. Once organizations register their domain name, it cannot be taken or used by other companies.  Organizations use domain registrars such as GoDaddy to acquire and register domains.

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--Bharath Rambadran