Sunday, November 3, 2013

Physiotherm switches from Google Apps to Office 365 to support rapid growth

Physiotherm switches from Google Apps to Office 365 to support rapid growth


For organizations experiencing rapid growth, a top-notch productivity solution can be vital to the success of the business. A cloud-based service that's difficult to manage can divert attention away from a company's core mission. What organizations need is a solution that's simple to use so they can focus on what they do best-growing the business.

That was exactly the scenario facing Physiotherm, an Austrian-based manufacturer of low-temperature infrared technology used to promote health. Over the last decade, the company has grown from 15 to 230 employees. It currently has more than 50,000 customers, and opens an average 10 new locations throughout Europe each year.

As it grew, Physiotherm needed a cloud-based productivity solution to help it manage growth across borders. The company initially tried Google Apps, but it lacked seamless integration with the Microsoft Office suite of applications. "At the beginning, Google Apps seemed simple and straightforward, but it soon became nearly unmanageable," says Gerald Gunsch, Chief Information
Officer at Physiotherm.

 Last year, Physiotherm opted for Office 365. By making the switch, the company has reduced IT complexity, allowing its IT professionals to concentrate on core services and develop the next generation of business aligned IT initiatives. What's more, employees now have improved usability in their day-to-day work, while the company as a whole is a lot more flexible during a time of rapid expansion. 

"It was only when we replaced Google Apps with Office 365 that we reached the level of standardization and integration that we need to support our dynamic growth," says Gunsch.

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